190616 Mixing Project

Revision 1 cymbals are out of control, need multi-band compression bass is a little loud vocals are a little quiet Jalen gets a little loud ocassionally. not quite sure how to handle this apart from automation. look into using a limiter, perhaps, or mix the songs separately overall, tonally the mix sounds pretty good

December 29, 2018

Every common person can be used mightily by God. You just have to believe He can use you and be daring enough to embrace the goals or vision He puts in your heart. You have been chosen! Joyce Meyer Promises for Your Everyday Life

December 21, 2018

Because of His great, wonderful and intense love for us, God poured His life out for us freely. That is revolutionary love, real, revolutionary love that gives itself away because it can never be satisfied doing anything less.

Joyce Meyer
Promises for Your Everyday Life

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