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The Nature of the Church

believers in Christ have been showered with God’s kindness ( 1: 3-8 ), chosen for greatness ( 1: 9-12 ), marked with the Holy Spirit ( 1: 13-14 ), filled with the Spirit’s power ( 1: 15-23 ), freed from sin’s curse and bondage ( 2: 1-10 ), and brought near to God ( 2: 11-18).

Life Application Study Bible
Introduction to Ephesians


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190616 Mixing Project

Revision 1

  • cymbals are out of control, need multi-band compression
  • bass is a little loud
  • vocals are a little quiet
  • Jalen gets a little loud ocassionally. not quite sure how to handle this apart from automation. look into using a limiter, perhaps, or mix the songs separately
  • overall, tonally the mix sounds pretty good
Mixing Project

190607 Mixing Project

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